Finding the Love in NYFW


As NYFW kicks off today sparking the month of worldwide fashion, there will be an outpouring of love, from models and the audience to the designers and seamstresses.

 How is love playing a part here?

Countless hours are put into the sketch, the fitting, the color selection, and finally creating the piece. For most designers a passion for the collection is present in the lines from sketches and the overall vision. That love can be translated to the garment. But think for a moment, if there was not that passion present, would the garment or even the industry be as powerful and inspiring as it is? With a lack of love, clothing becomes thread and cookie cutter cloth produced for the masses. There is no heart or soul put into it.

When something has been made with love, you can sense it. You can tell by the intricate details, the quality of material, and that “something extra” that makes it special, and gives it a soul. Designers are sharing their light with the world, giving their creations a soul, and it is important to remember the impact this positive light can have. The power of love and striving for something greater, not only in design and quality but also in sustainability, can inspire other designers in the industry to make changes for good. This can improve the quality of an entire workforce behind the scenes of fashion week and change the fashion industry as we know it. All this, from a little love.

 This weekend as you may be celebrating Valentine’s Day or enjoying the beauty of NYFW, share a moment of love with someone. Bask in that glow and take inspiration from changes you might be encouraging.

 With light filled regards,