Eco-Friendly Fashion


February may remind you of chocolates, hearts, and cupid cutouts but for many it means the unveiling of catwalks, designer collections, and everything else that is Fashion Week. This is the time for finding the latest look and designers to set themselves apart from “just another trend”. Fashion bloggers flock to it while celebrities and style icons are honored guests and at the same time far across the globe there are people almost working themselves to death to make sure these garments are complete.

Working with designers and having a first-hand experience in the fashion industry has taught me many things, good and bad. Though we are no longer living with the 1900’s era factory fires, across the globe factory conditions are still nowhere near what they should be. As the problems from factories and garment workers shifts from one country to another so do the rights and freedoms that many have worked hard to fight for.

How can we change this?

It starts with education and curiosity. Wondering what a day in the life of a garment worker is like or what some of the issues are within the fashion industry are good starting points. Find out more about your favorite brands, are they mass producing t-shirts in crowded factories or ensuring their workers have enough money to survive? The history of ethical and sustainable fashion is more recent but still making improvements and ultimately making a difference. Each year more designers are becoming aware and joining the cause. Ethical fashion is no longer just a trend but a movement.

You have the tools to do your own research, here are four ways to get started. Stay tuned for more on eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.

With light filled regards,