Eating for Creativity


Eating for creativity: are you doing it right?

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, today I want to talk about how nourishment and creativity are connected. You may be familiar with the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and though it sounds like a health food chant, there is truth behind it.

 Though we might do crazy things in the name of creativity, nutrition should be passionately endeavored in the same light. Passion fuels creativity, nourishment fuels energy, and we are witnesses to a masterpiece of modern art called the revolution of mind, body, soul nourishment.

Are you ready to paint your canvas with more fulfilling brush strokes?

 There is an uprising of people shining a light on the old ways of chemically produced, GMO (genetically modified organisms), and empty nutritional foods, which have been powerfully ADVERTISED to nourish YOU! This is sparking an awakening towards wholesome, local, organic, super-foods, that fully-nourish you.

Case one: You start your day with caffeine (and lots of it). If you are like many people, your day starts with the push of a button and a hot cup of java. Creativity flows from within, and sometimes we think a caffeine jumpstart will solve our problems when it can actually make them worse. Whether you are drinking one cup or one pot of coffee each day, you might be harming your creativity rather than helping it.

Nourishing solution: consider rising into your day with a 5-10 minute gratitude meditation that automatically powers you up. I recommend using Insight Timer, an incredible app that will make meditating more fun! Nourish yourself with a morning tonic that will enlighten you to a whole new world of ingredients that give you long-lasting and deeply focused energy. There are several coffee alternatives available (energy drinks NOT included) and can offer additional benefits for the body.

Not ready to give coffee up? Know your limits and how much is too much. If you are really thirsty, drink some water! Staying hydrated is key to maintaining the right brain function for your creative state.

 Case two: sugar and snacking. There’s something about biting into your favorite candy bar while working on a project or making a midnight snack if a deadline is coming up. We’ve all done it or come close, no judgment here! While you think you are letting your creative juices flow you could actually be draining your body of much needed energy! Sugar highs are a real problem and filling up on junk food only makes your energy flow go haywire.

Nourishing solutions: watch what you eat. Nutrition labels can only help you! It’s ok to keep sugar (natural sugar NOT white refined sugar) in your creative diet but maintaining and balancing your key nutrients will keep you going strong. Maybe developing a specific “creative diet” to add as a ritual will make it become second nature.

Thinking about our bodies, we can perform so much better when we are fully awake, hydrated, and warmed up. Our beautiful mind works the same way: a well-nourished mind will produce well-nourished thoughts. Eating right will provide you the energy to last all day or night and to let your creative mind reign!

With light filled regards,