Don't Let A Breakup Dim Your Light


The Breakup

 You alone have the power to look up past all the overwhelming dark foliage and be guided by your higher self.

When we face an ending, our once brightly lit lights are doused. The joy and security we once felt are stripped away. But no matter how hard it is to grasp, those feelings of scarcity are an illusion.

This is the kind up ending I want to shine a light on today.

There is pain, there is sorrow, there is loneliness, and there is fear. All feelings that will not only make you physically hurt but can also dim your inner light. It’s ok to feel sad, to want to cry or just be alone. A part of you has been broken off. It isn’t physical, we all know that, but for many of us the connections we make in our relationships are so powerful that it does feel physical. We feel that separation and brokenness, and that we are alone in our pain.

If you are the one being let go of, a fear black-out can occur. The pain and fear that rushes through every particle in your body takes over and makes you scream out in why’s and what’s. The emotions swirling around within you can not only confuse you but also cause you to become a different person.

“What did I do wrong? Could I have done something different? What’s wrong with me?” Burning questions that transform you from who you once were, to someone completely new. You pick yourself apart, piece-by-piece, searching for answers that do not exist. Destroying what’s left and burying yourself in a dark place.

As hard as it is, don’t go there. Desperately searching for hurtful things will only cause you more pain. Don’t let yourself be tricked into thinking that you won’t be happy or loved again. That is the darkest trick we can ever give into.

 You ARE love. The most powerful love is nowhere else but within you. And if you gently begin to face the pain and fear that has taken you hostage, and work towards releasing it with deep breaths of love and compassion, you can begin to see that there is in fact light at the end of this tunnel. That maybe, just maybe, this is happening for a divine reason.

It is such powerful, life-changing moments like this, that are divine occasions for you to rise towards your highest self. So even though it hurts, even though you have suddenly found yourself in un-charted territories, and you’re terrified and alone, don’t let yourself remain blinded by the heavy darkness that wants to keep pulling you deeper down the rabbit hole.

Take a courageous leap. This is YOUR moment to take control of how you want to maneuver through a jungle of unknown. You will feel pain but with time to heal you will grow into a stronger person and you will shine brighter than before.

It’s ok to cry and be sad, it’s healthy. If you want to cry, then cry. If you feel mad and you need to release that anger, find a pillow and scream into it or squeeze it until you have nothing left to squeeze. If you feel pain locate a physical point and get a massage, draw a bath, or take a moment to meditate and focus on that area. Allow yourself a healing process and let your light grow back again.

With light filled regards,