Creating Sustainable Change at LFW


With London Fashion Week’s wrap, some fresh and exciting changes are stirring in the creative fashion world minds.

Highlighting new designers and classic favorites as well as designers to watch, LFW remains to be innovative and inspiring. Interestingly, there was a deeper focus of growth. Not just growth as in bigger collections, but a growth of business and better practices. It is an important step from being creative to becoming a business, and in that step decisions that impact potentially millions will be made. The desire to be seen by not only a select few or owned by a small number but thousands is present and being encouraged. And the desire to be ethical and sustainable should also be just as present.

As expected by many, LFW sparked conversations about change, both good and bad, to the industry and what many people wanted to see happen in the future. Will these thoughts and ideas make a big enough impact to inspire change?

As many agreed during this panel discussion, the need for both inspiration and sustainability is growing, and growing rapidly. Many can agree on the need for something different but pinpointing where and how are not as easy to agree on. “Fashion can be both oppressive and liberating, we need to be empathetic about combatting the oppressive side.” Said by Lois McNay of London’s College of Fashion, and may be one of the most powerful statements to gravitate around.

We do need to care, we need to care about the people making our clothing, we need to care about the people designing it and making sure ethical decisions are being made, and we need to care that their business remains true to it’s word. Can we be comfortable wearing things that were affordable but sold by a company that lies about its values and mission?

I leave you with these questions and thoughts, to find a place where you can feel comfortable agreeing, disagreeing, and hopefully asking your own questions. Please add in below or reach out if you feel the urge.

With light filled regards,