Celebrating A Balanced Blue Moon


Celebrating A Balanced Blue Moon

“The full moon will be shining a decadent light of truth deep within our hearts.” –Kate Rose

Blue moon

Tonight marks a special evening for all of us, it is the Blue Moon. A blue moon in the scientific sense means the second occurrence of a full moon in a month or the third in a series of four full moons in a season. And as you may have guessed, these full moons are not really blue.

The bigger news for this lunar change is how it is aligned in the astrological sense and what that means for you. There are big things in store following the Blue Moon, exciting and also nerve wracking; it is the beginning of fresh opportunity in many senses.

According to the astrological team at Mystic Mama, this may feel like a chaotic time but it is instead a time of finding balance and completion. Divine Harmony and Molly Hall highlight the sense of uncovering truth in our lives and emotions. The summer is coming to a close and for many of us the full force of fall events and work will be back. Vacations are ending, (including my own recent trip to Bali and Hong Kong) and the lazy days of summer seem to be slipping away. Kelly Rosano shares that;

 “You may feel more like a lost soul. Take comfort, for you are not alone. Many people are experiencing life-changing events.”

Elephant Journal also has some beautiful words of inspiration to guide us in the light this weekend. Though the month may have been a challenge, this is a time of reflection for growth to the future an appreciation for the balance that we seek. Whether this is true for you or not, finding balance is usually easier said than done. We may think that our lives are balanced but in reality we are just barely making it. When we can be truly balanced, we can let go of the objects that seem to be weighing us down and instead focus on light, this is where our balance comes into play.

For me this means that although the past few months have been hectic, the pieces are falling into place. Balance is in the process of being restored. I hope that you can also find yourself openly accepting this opportunity for balance and will move forward into the light.

Love & Light,

Leyla Salvadé