Breathing for Creativity


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The Importance of Oxygen to Your Creative Flow

When you think about your brain you may think about creativity, power, or even a giant walnut. There are probably a number of other things that come second but where is oxygen on your list? Oxygen is crucial for our brains to function, it uses up to three times as much oxygen as our muscles do, and 20% of the total oxygen in our body. We aren’t breathing directly into the brain of course rather; the oxygen is found in our blood and travels through the blood stream. Increasing oxygen in our blood stream also increases the amount available to our brains, allowing healthier brain function and cell growth. Without enough oxygen, our brain cells begin to die off in as little as four minutes, and eventually will shut down. Maintaining a healthy oxygen supply is not only the key to life but also to creativity.

Our brains continue to develop into our 40s and we can alter the structure of our brain with meditation and encourage healthy growth by watching our nutrition and physical activity. With a healthy, fully oxygenized brain we can let our creative light shine! Our thoughts become clearer and more powerful. Clear thinking can help us distinguish positive from negative thoughts and our positive thinking can align with our creativity to unveil the light within. Balanced oxygen levels also reduce stress, which can have a negative impact on our creative side. Stress levels, if ignored can be a contributing factor to negativity, depression, and a whirlwind of damage.

In addition to meditation, there are simple breathing exercises that we can do to improve oxygen flow for the brain.

  • Seated Breathing: exhale while you sit up straight, inhale slowly and relax your abdominal muscles, letting your rib cage expand slightly. Allow your inhale to fill your lungs and hold that breath for 10 counts before slowly releasing. For five minutes continue this exercise and maintain relaxed abdominal muscles and even breaths.
  • Normal Breathing: Lie down on your back with your arms down on your sides and your legs stretched out. With one hand resting on your abdomen, take deep breaths through your nose noting how your core muscles move with each breath. Focus on maintaining even breaths and a relaxed core for about 10 minutes.

There are several meditative poses that you can take to add variation to your breathing exercises, allowing more expansion through the back and side body. Child’s Pose, Butterfly pose, seated twists, and Lotus Pose are all great options to try. You might not feel anything different but with more practice and emphasis on breath you will increase oxygen flow and your creativity will flow freely.

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