Blood Moon: A Month of Great Potential

blood moon

Let your light ignite by rising to the occasion of light through the unexpected.

As many of you know, this Saturday marks the third eclipse of the year, the blood moon or lunar eclipse. Yes this is eclipse season! This means that different from our last eclipse, the moon will be completely covered by the earth, blocking sunlight, illuminating the moon in a red light. This eclipse will be visible by most of the world and there is no need for protective eyewear or fear of direct radiation from the sun. Besides caching this moment, how will it affect you?

This shift in the cosmos is expected to bring significant change and new experiences. While that is true for every day of our lives, it is emphasized in relation to the new moon. Mystic Mamma shares that this month is to be a month of great change and unexpected magic.

“This month supports action, and action will be key to staying out of stuck places physically, emotionally, and mentally…”

New opportunities may come up. Seeing the good and embracing the change is key. Kaypacha shares that we need to connect and collaborate with our tribe during this shift. Opportunities to redo and revisit may come up, this is essential perhaps to your own growth, and should be fully embraced.

Taking time to process our thoughts and actions is always important but this new moon might bring along moments that call for jumping in with everything that you are and saying “Yes!” because it excites your heart, aligns with your hopes and dreams, and helps you let go because you can sense what is no longer needed. Letting go is exactly what gets us where we need to be. Some values we hold dear may no longer be relevant to our current state. We should feel empowered to let them go and embrace the new light of what is happening now, in this moment. Spring and the new moon encourage life, change, and the beauty of newness. Flow with the course of events that are about to ignite your life and awaken a new era within you that causes paradigm shifts!

With light filled regards,