Bali You Light Me Up


Bali You Light Me Up


When we create in the intention of light, magic guides the way and leads us to places and people that epitomize the experience of synchronicity.

Words cannot describe what has been taking place on this incredible, heart-expanding journey in Bali...but I will try.

I arrived in Denpansar open-hearted and open-minded, ready to embrace whatever was meant to come my way with love and light.

Before I even stepped out of the airport, an energy of pure joy whisked me down the pathway towards passport control. During a quick stop in the ladies room my first impression was made – a big bowl filled with orange flowers graced the bathroom sink along with other accent flowers in each corner while the squeaky clean surfaces reflected my smile from mirror to the tiles on the floor. And I thought to myself, if an airport bathroom can impress my near-OCD cleanliness as well as my love for attention to detail, especially flower arrangements, then I’m worried….because this trip may manifest into growing some form of roots…and it’s a really long flight away from home to create roots!

Bali flower

And as I sit in my bungalow at Desa Seni, an eco yoga village in the heart of Canggu, about to spend my final days of my (extended) Bali experience here, I can say with a full-heart, roots have grown.

Its not just the attention to detail, it’s the incredibly kind locals, the delicious fresh food, the breathtaking nature, the streets adorned with small temples that have daily offerings of fresh flowers and incense, it’s the energy in the air that can only be described as Bali.

Miracles came to life here in a way I cannot even wrap my head around yet.

The first two weeks of my Bali experience was shared with two of my best friends. We practiced living in the now like never before. Completely surrendering into the moment and going with the flow. We’d decide what city to go to, sometimes even what island to hop over to the same day; arrive at the destination and then find our home for the next couple or few nights, one backpack each.

The last week of this experience we separated, as they had to fly back home to Switzerland, and I chose to spend more time in Bali over Hong Kong, which is my final destination on this adventure through light. That is when the real magic began.

The first solo night I was in Ubud, sitting in the communal area of my hotel, laptop on lap, thankful for the fast Internet. A man walked by who kindly said hello, then continued onto his room, and returned with his laptop. Neither of us did any work, as our conversation revealed similarities in our missions, and next thing you know, I’m invited to be the guest speaker at his seminar in Ubud and also in Jakarta next April.

My mission during the solo week was to connect with ex-pats and locals and see what kind of synergy we can manifest. I barely had to lift a finger.

There are about 5 more miracle cases of connections with souls with whom I will be coming back to Bali for to lead workshops and events with, and of course Heart To Table dinners! So mark your calendars now! If you ever wanted to experience the magic of Bali, join me next April and lets connect, share, and create in the intention of love and light in one of the most magical places on earth!

When we create in the intention of light, magic guides the way and leads us to places and people that epitomize the experience of synchronicity.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog, when I share my touching interview with owner and creator of Desa Seni, Howard Klein.

Amor & Luz,