The Aperture of Light


Finding The Light in Unfamiliar Places

I had a twelve-hour DYI training session the other day for the video equipment I have, as my mission is to also connect with you via v-logs (video-blogs) and share my light in a more personal way.

What shocked me, and also kept my energy going during this intense training day, was that my videographers and I spent most of the day talking about light!

When setting up the camera, one main thing to consider is the F-Stop and/or Aperture, which is basically a hole or an opening that determines how much light comes in. The more open it is the more light comes in. This technical connection bursted my mind with excitement because it’s exactly how we as humans function.

The more we open up (the more we become aware and connected to everything around us) the more light is able to flood in and enlighten us.

I have come to realize though, that the more I’ve opened up, the more I must be diligent about doing my daily maintenance practices in order to protect myself and stay in alignment. Just like when the Aperture is opened all the way, all the little specks of dust are visible on the lens. The more we open ourselves up and let the light in, the more aware, sensitive, and vulnerable we become. I believe in universal protection, yet in order to stay in alignment and maintain a clear focus, we must also do more inner-housekeeping.

Meditation, eating right, self care, exercise, are all integral ways of inner-housekeeping, but those are all things we have sole control over which makes it easier. The harder part is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who won’t suck your energy or try to entice you into habits that do not support your highest self.

Letting go of certain friends that were a part of your lifestyle before you chose to rise to the occasion of light is difficult. It takes a lot of self-will and inner power to let go of a certain lifestyle.

I have come to realize that if your friends are true friends, they will remain, if not, then it’s best you let go of them sooner than later anyway.

Just as the Aperture opens up to let the light in and illuminate the image we are trying to capture, we have the same ability to open up and manifest exactly the kind of life, love, soul-mate, family, and friends we want. Because when our own self-image is sharpened and aligned, we receive exactly what we are focusing towards.

“What you seek, is seeking you.” – Rumi

With light filled regards, Leyla