Why 5G is the Most Harmful Technology Humans Have Ever Created


When you connect your awareness to your heart, you awaken to a power within that has infinite potential.

- Leyla Salvadé

Humans are the most intelligent device ever designed, and yet each and every day we hand over the power of our humanness to sources outside of ourselves.

We submit our inner power to devices, apps, technology, and systems that only perpetuate the need for us to depend even more on sources outside of our innate inner power.

Don’t get me wrong, technology isn’t bad. It can be used for unbelievable goodness, like connecting with family members across the globe in real time, and surgical devices to help save lives. Yet recently we let technology go too far beyond our own human reckoning. We took one step too many outside of our humanness, and handed our power over to a technology that has undergone no biological testing whatsoever before rolling out this disaster plan for humanity.  

I am talking about 5G.


5G stands for fifth generation, and is the term used to describe the next-generation of mobile networks beyond LTE mobile networks. It is a wireless technology created to keep up with an enormous projected increase in volume of internet use. (1) Any system using 5G NR (5G New Radio) software is referred to as 5G.

It is the generation that follows 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. However, unlike 4G, with the 5th generation, we are talking about a whole different ball game of harmful electromagnetic field radiation that is impacting human health and environmental health at levels that are so far beyond what could ever be considered justifiable for the so called ‘benefits’ of 5G.  

At least four major phone carriers in the US — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint — have solid plans to introduce their mobile 5G networks in 2019. AT&T has started trials with 5G mobile hotspots in 12 cities. Verizon is also advertising a 5G home network. (2) 

1G, 2G, 3G and 4G use between 1 to 5 gigahertz frequency. 5G uses between 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency. Within the RF (radio frequency) Radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to living organisms. (3)

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an Internal Medicine Physician, stated that there are four kinds of electromagnetic fields that we know are harmful to human health:

1.     Radio Frequency Radiation

2.     Magnetic Fields

3.     Dirty Electricity

4.     Electric Fields

All living beings are affected by EMF’s. And now with this recent rollout of 5G, imagine what the exposure is on any given day for all living organisms?!

It’s not just cell phones, it’s anything with Wi-Fi.

It’s cell phones, multiple wireless networks, smart meters, cell towers, and most of us are living in a sandwich of a daily EMF radiation concoction bombarding and frying our cells and DNA. (4)

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.” – Martin L. Pal, PHD. Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Medical Sciences at Washington State University. 

Thankfully some scientists, not funded by big corps, have undergone peer-reviewed studies, which have found the below list as common side effects based on the levels of radiation that range between 0.0000000002 to 6.0 micro watts per centimeter squared. (4)



  • Headache

  • Irritation

  • Concentration difficulty

  • Behavioral Problems

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation and a decrease in sperm viability in vitro

  • Dizziness

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Chest pain

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Indigestion

  • Altered calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells

  • Changes in the hippocampus affecting brain memory and learning

  • Damage in cells

These are side effects induced by short term exposure to radiation. Now imagine levels of radiation as high as is used for 5G, blanketing us everywhere, at all times!



Besides fast internet connection, which we already have with 3G and 4G, there is talk of a scarier reason for this 5G rollout.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the powerful shifts our earth has been going through which is affecting our collective human consciousness, you may want to go read my blog here about 3D/5D.  

The human body is the original technology designed for planet earth. What separates our human technology aka ‘humane technology’ from man-made technology, is that we have a heart and soul that connects us to a higher source of consciousness awareness.

Humans also go through upgrade installments through the power of emotions. And if we choose to break through the virus of fear, we install a new and improved operating system that helps us function at a higher, greater, and faster rate.

For eons, we have been stuck in a three-dimensional consciousness. And like the Mayans and so many other ancient civilizations predicted, humanity would go through a ‘death.’

But what is death other than a conduit from one reality to another?

And so, with limited language the ‘death’ that so many predicted, did in fact begin to take place in 2012, but through a shift in consciousness. Not just for one human shifting from one place to another, rather for our collective consciousness as a greater whole.

What our planet has gone through since then is unlike any kind of shift this planet has experienced, and it’s affecting every aspect; socially, personally, systematically and environmentally. Systems are crashing, governments are crumbling, and the construct of what being human even means is re-defining itself, shifting from she to he, or they. Bathrooms separated by sexes, are now welcoming ALL into one space.  

This shift, this ‘death’ is taking place for all of us to learn how to let go of our physical attachment(s) and re-member our most innate truth – LOVE, and create heaven on Earth. We are wired to learn through pain and breakdown, and that is the phase we are currently all experiencing as a collective so that we can let the light in through the cracks.

Mother Earth is at her brink. She cannot continue thriving through the trauma humans that are stuck in 3-dimensional awareness are causing her. No one and nothing can escape the Law of Nature. Nature is our greatest teacher and will use its power to teach us – no matter how tough the love may be.  

This collective shift is also clearing and being supported by massive spikes in the Schuman resonance.

The first wave of awakened humans who have known about this, are already living in the higher awareness of 5D.

And just as this is beginning to become somewhat public knowledge, what happens?

With the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness being so prevalent and powerfully activated at this moment in time, and while so many of us who are consciously and actively shepherding the New Earth ascension forward with all our love and light, I feel the timing of the 5G rollout, could not be timelier.

Coincidence? I think not.

5D consciousness and 5G are inextricably linked. We need to ascend to 5D to transcend the harmful and detrimental effects of 5G.

Higher levels of consciousness will allow us to ‘escape’ the grasps of this negative EMF energy and network web so that we can eclipse the heaviness and mind control of 5G technology by vibrating higher through our own inner technology.

For those of you who kept up with the stats and numbers above but just lost me, believe me, I understand. This stuff is the kind of things we’ve only been shown in the movies, but where do you think those ideas come from? 

We are all part of an interconnected web, and all things come from this source of collective consciousness.

5G was set out to hinder the ascension into 5D, making us sick, sterile, tired, weak and confused, in the hopes of blocking higher levels of consciousness to birth forth….as was always intended to happen on this planet.

I believe it is very possible for us to counteract and move through and past the 5G web of negative EMF’s.

We, again, can use all the tools, supplements, and technology we want that exist outside of our own innate power, it will definitely help and we will need all the help we can get, but ultimately, I believe this is an even deeper call to remember and reinstate the POWER WITHIN! To reinstate the power of our sacred heart and activate our divine light within.



“The solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind.” - Albert Einstein

So far, we’ve spoken about all the EMF’s outside of ourselves.  

What most don’t realize is that humans also produce their own EMF from within. So basically, we’ve got man-made EMF’s through technological devices, and naturally expressed/organic EMF’s from living beings.

Both the human heart and the human brain produce their own EMF’s, and the best and most exciting fact is that the human heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.

Our thoughts and emotions affect the heart’s magnetic field, which energetically affects those in our environment whether or not we are conscious of it.

This means that if we choose to be in a state of gratitude, which shifts us into the energetic expression of LOVE, we automatically vibrate at a very high frequency! And when we continuously anchor this energy of love IN-to ourselves, letting our intelligent system both our soft-ware and hard-ware, be upgraded by the highest OS (operating system) in existence - LOVE, we become unlimited potential.

It comes down to the power of belief, belief in yourself, understanding that YOU are the most powerful system in existence if you choose to tap into the technology within yourself, activating all of yourself.

As with any skill, it takes daily practice to master this state of awareness. It takes major human soft-ware and hardware upgrades to operate at the ultimate OS of LOVE.

Practicing being in a state of gratitude and abundance on a daily basis, even just in a five-minute daily meditation, is how to rewire your brain to fill your EMF with the expression and power of Love.  

LOVE truly is the highest frequency. It is the greatest power of all, and we must reclaim our humanness by choosing love over fear on a daily basis. It takes practice, especially now with 5G launching, it is harder than ever, and at the same time more necessary than ever before!


You have the power to activate your heart power by anchoring your light into the core of Mother Earth every day and filling your heart with gratitude. This practice expands your own EMF through the power of love and activates a field of light all around you to an exponentially high frequency. This field acts as a shield counteracting the negative EMF’s from 5G and all other sorts of energies that are not meant for your highest good and light.  

I’ve shared a 20minute meditation in my most recent episode of - Heart To Heart with Leyla, to guide you through a meditation that will help you anchor your light and activate your own EMF with the intention of LOVE.

I also share powerful insights and tools in my free Email Course: From Head to Heart.

I believe every single one of us has the free-will choice to activate the power of our heart and step into our brightest light - becoming a Standing Light, all it takes is a single choice between fear and love.

It takes practice, but that is what we are here for, to master our humanness and install the most powerful codes into our human operating system so that we can share in the highest frequencies with one another and make our world a better place. Upgrading along with Mother Earth into 5D Consciousness, shifting from the contracting fear into the power of unconditional love - together as ONE, activating the most epic mass collective human heart EMF that will set the Shuman Resonance record!

Always remember to follow your heart – your original compass that will guide you to your brightest light.

Love always,


Besides activating your own heart-based EMF and believing in your own power as a ‘shield’ for negative EMF’s, below are other suggested tools.

  • Eating an Alkaline plant-based diet

  • Being in nature as much as possible especially walking barefoot on grass/earth (earthing/grounding) Swimming in the ocean

Watch the video for a 20 minute long guided meditation that will help anchor your light and activate your heart power.

Leyla Salvade