It literally was a year of reflection(s). In all facets. 
I learnt how to take a step back and not only intuit, feel, and act from a deeper and higher space of love and trust. I learnt that before acting, I must integrate a kind of patience I didn’t yet understand, activate a kind of listening that goes beyond the ears and let’s the heart feel the essence, observe from my heart instead of my eyes, and tune into the highest possibility that is in alignment……and then - ACT, from a place of trust, love, and non-attachment.
A practice that requires patience, reverence, and a surrendering of ego. 
All of which my ego thought it had acquired already, only for my hearts wisdom to whisper loving grace into my awareness and shine reverence, through into my ego, and let it know; ‘Leyla my love, the ego is and always will be a part of you in this human experience, and surrendering from the head into the heart will be a continuous, sometimes even daily practice and lesson, over and over again.’
And so I remember the quote, “The longest journey you will ever make in life is from your head to your heart.” - Moikanos

I’m back in NYC now after spending sacred time with family and friends the past couple of weeks between Switzerland, Arizona, and Los Angeles, integrating all the lessons of 2018, and planting intentional seeds for 2019.

May we shine, shine, shine, into the love of light and let joy illuminate our sacred hearts.

Leyla Salvade