Standing Light founder Leyal Salvade with her logo tattoo

The Standing Light logo is the sum of who I am. I came up with it when I was in 10th grade and always knew it would someday make sense. I engraved it on my wrist to forever remind me of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to create. It all happened during Chemistry class, where my obsession of symbolism culminated to new heights while my teacher was schooling us on the subject of chemical compounds. I was inspired to figure out a symbol that defined my being - my very own 'chemical compound.' I started drawing out all the symbols thatpertained to me. I’m an Aries, born on the 5th of April, so I started doodling around with the Aries symbol and the number five. Before I knew it I was looking at the shape of a heart.

Lets just say that the chemical reaction between my atoms and molecules were bouncing off the walls—I had found my chemical compound and it created the shape of a heart. It only further confirmed my own hearts desire since as long as I can remember, to spread the message of love and light, which are one in the same.