Standing Light

Standing Light was channeled to me in a meditation in 2013 while asking how I can be of service to the world. After taking the leap of faith and forming it into a heart-based company, I realized that we are all Standing Lights, all we need to do is have the courage to take that leap of faith and step into our light.


Standing Light is a LightStyle™ brand and movement that enlightens you from inside out through our products, services and events


Standing Light is a LightStyle™ brand, which reaches beyond the average lifestyle and embodies an enlightened way of life. One that has the greater good at heart, one that inspires a consciousness awakening - for the individual, as well as our collective consciousness.

LightStyle™ is a holistic approach to life that integrates heart intelligence, mindfulness, conscious daily practices, and environmental awareness. LightStyle was inspired to support you in stepping into your brightest light through conscious lifestyle practices.


My mission is to awaken courageous grace through the intelligence of the heart so that each and every one of us can stand in our brightest light.


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