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From Head to Heart - Healing Through Love


Connect to Your Heart & Discover Your Light!

On the outside your life looks picture perfect, but you know inside you feel alone, confused, and empty, like you just can’t reconnect to the spark you used to have. You feel stretched in all areas of life and you feel like you over give and don’t receive enough. You’re giving it all that you’ve got, and you know that even that isn’t enough to obtain the life you once knew or thought you would have by this time in your life. 

You realize that….

  • You’ve given up on your self-care

  • You constantly binge watch a show to numb yourself out, 

  • You don’t fully trust the universe/God anymore

  • You’ve stopped actively manifesting and praying

  • You feel that fear creeps about whether this is really as good as its going to get

  • You don’t connect with your partner on a deep level anymore

  • You don’t feel in your feminine anymore and you are not in your flow energy

  • Your relationship has become all about chores and schedules between the two of you and it’s not about shared experiences anymore, and you wonder if things will ever get better between the two of you. 


What you’re experiencing is a crisis of connection. 

Connection to Self

Connection to Spirit

Connection to your Relationship(s)

It hurts because you’re losing your connection to everything that matters. 

Every single one of us goes through this moment in time. It’s the hero’s journey, the tower moment, the dark night of the soul, where we find ourselves at a moment in our lives where we are questioning everything, even ourselves. 

I’ve been there, I get it, it’s scary, it’s not fun, it’s confusing, and it feels like you’ve been knocked out of your core center and like your light has been withdrawn from you. 

It’s precisely in this moment where we have the greatest opportunity to shine our light, and to step up and prove to ourselves - first and foremost, that we are our own hero – if we dare to go within. 

Through my own experience, going through not just one but two dark nights of the soul, I’ve developed a Three Phase Transformation methodology. Because what I’ve come to discover is that there are three phrases we go through to shift from the heaviness of our shadows to the light. From fear to love. Each phase is equally as important for the holistic integration of the transformation to blossom into a new expression. 


First you must purge the past, releasing what no longer serves you. You must have the courage to face yourself – fully, with love, practicing the powerful practice of inner child healing. Then it’s time for integration, letting the understandings set in and help you realize why these blocks and fears showed up in your life. Once you’ve had the courage to go through the purging and the integration, it is time to create a new future possibility and manifest the life of your dreams, the life that lights up your heart and has you standing tall in your fully abundant self.

A life where you are wholeheartedly connected to everything that matters. Your outside life is a direct reflection of the joy you feel within, where you’re filled with joyous light, hope and excitement for life again. The feeling of wholeness is your daily reality, and the spark within you is fully reignited and can be felt by everyone. Now, whatever comes your way doesn’t have the power to knock you off center for too long, because your own power is fully integrated and isn’t fazed by much anymore. You’re back in full swing manifesting on a daily basis, in sacred communion with your divine light guides and God. You have indomitable faith that everything is happening FOR you.


Your relationships are an expression of how you feel inside, where communication is loving and empowered, where you get to feel connected heart to heart again – deeply. So deeply that you feel the butterflies, the goosebumps, and all of the magical feels that true and deep intimacy has the power to activate within you. Your partner looks at you as if you’re magic, because – YOU ARE!

When you reconnect to the power of love you will re-discover your light and everyone around you will feel the ripple effect. It’s up to you to make that choice, of whether you want to stay in the heaviness of your own fears or if you want to take ownership of yourself and your life, and create the life filled with magic that is available to each and every one of us, the only difference between a life of heaviness and light is your sacred choice. 

Let’s jumpstart your life by reconnecting you through love to your joy, your light, and your souls mission! 



The Process - 3 Phases of Transformation

Phase 1 – Purging (Past)

In order to let go of what no longer serves you, you first must have the courage to go back and

face it. What can it teach you? What does your past have to let you know before you can let it go?

This is a purging experience, like cleaning out an old drawer you haven’t dared to open in years

out of fear what you may discover in it. There may be dust that’s piled up since, and by having

the courage to open it, it gives you the opportunity to face certain moments from an intentional

perspective where, together, we can face it heart-on and take the lessons needed in order to

heal and transmute the darkness into light.


Phase 2 – Integration/Transformation (Present)

Deep healing takes time to integrate, once we have the courage to open doors of the past, we

open ourselves up to ALL of who we are, through which we get to now choose what’s coming

with us into the NOW. Just like the moment where the caterpillar realizes it’s growing wings and

is ready to shake off the last pieces of the cocoon, you now have the chance to transform your

reality from a caterpillar into a butterfly.


Phase 3 – Vision + Manifestation (Future)

With your new wings, where will you go? What will you do? Who will you fly with? What color

wings do you want the world to marvel at?

As we set out into our new heart-activated light path, we get to be our own creators! In this

process you begin to learn how to play with energy, abundance, learning the language of the

universe, how to collapse timelines and peer into the field of possibilities to call in what your

highest soul calling is, tap into Unity Consciousness so that you can become your own alchemist

and embark on the most epic journey of a lifetime, equipped with all of your sacred tools, so that

you know which one to turn to when the skies get stormy.



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  • 12 Sessions (90min per session)

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